Welcome, fellow space explorers! Our mission here is to boldly explore the vast, exciting, sometimes alien, territory of the constellation, Marriage.

This is an honest walk into deep space, into heart and soul, both yours and your spouse’s. Or, perhaps you are not part of a team yet, but have your scanner set on a certain member of the scouting party.

You may have found, and tested, a friendship in a certain Star Fighter. You may have found a loyalty that has established a strong sense of trust in you. You may be wondering if this is someone you can tether your lifeline and future to.

Marriage is an adventure, and a covenant, requiring the commitment of two lifetimes, through an ever changing universe, towards a timeless, celestial love in eternity.  It is certainly not for the faint of heart. One partner cannot be the soul source of emergency assistance for long, or both are doomed.  The “life support” of the first will eventually fail to sustain both, and then even their singular selves will be seriously impacted.

There be societal dragons, black holes, and many myths to slay to keep the marriage strong.  “I got your back”, demonstrated in a battle with “evil forces”, is not only the stuff of Jedis, but stuff that will save your earthly love, and predict your eternal coordinates hereafter.  It is the usual results of “rescuing” or at least partnering with each other against anything from minor annoyances right through and including the occasional Death Stars.

This blog is part of an activity for a class in Marriage from BYUI, Brigham Young University-Idaho. Your thoughts and experiences on this blog are welcomed. We all come from different environments and DNA, but likely have met developmental goals around the same time.  Strength and wisdom come from navigating through life’s emotional celebrations and debris, the consequences of the choices we have made, singularly and as a team/married couple.  These are times when you have pushed and “given it all she (your marriage) has got”.

So let us be married; let us boldly travel into the saga of our lives together.  Let us wake up with a “go ahead full” determination to love and respect each other.  Let us, daily, map a course through the heavens towards, and for each other.







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